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Vendor Training & Resources

General Training

As a Cityside Vendor, you will be provided with documentation that will allow you to perform the following services to the specifications required by our clients:

    • Locks -Changing the locks on vacant properties to avoid vandalism, break-ins, or squatters.
    • Securing – This includes boarding up broken windows, fixing minor hazards, and necessary minor repairs to ensure general safety.
    • Clean-out – Debris removal, cleaning, tearing out carpets when necessary, etc.


All invoices to Cityside should include the property address and case number of the property on which work was performed.


Payments to contractors are made bi-weekly for work done about two weeks prior. For more information on when you might see payment please go to Vendors>Forms>Current Vendor Forms>Payments and check the current “Payments Schedule” and the “EMS Instructions to Look up Payments,” or click here.

Appeals Process

There are times when Cityside is forced to withhold payment due to work not being performed to the standards that Cityside needs. Most of these instances can be remedied with updated photos from the contractor, or a “No Charge Correction”—which allows the contractor to go back to the property and fix whatever work was not performed correctly. If you have an appeal to make in regards to a Cityside decision to withhold payment, please contact the Vendor Management Department.

Vendor Training Portal

To access the Vendor Training Portal, please enter the password given to you by the Vendor Management Team. Note only approved vendors may access the Vendor Training Portal. Once you have your supplied password, Click Here to View.

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