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Property Management

HOA & Rental Management

Cityside pays very close attention to our local New England market. It’s no wonder why our customers have remained loyal for over fifteen years now. During that time, Cityside has mastered the management of homeowners associations and is proud of its valuable contributions to the community.

Cityside’s team of local property managers and maintenance staff are second to none when it comes to delivering personalized and reliable services to tenants and homeowners. Cityside’s property management services have been fashioned with the owners and occupants in mind.

For more information on engaging our seasoned professionals and kicking off a well-crafted property management program, click here www.citysidepm.com

Investor Services

Let your property work for you.

Cityside provides individually customized Property Management solutions for high volume real estate owners. By directing a host of services that preserve real estate assets, Cityside supports the real estate industry investor. The company’s regional and local teams have expertise in developing rapidly scalable service packages to manage any sized project from single buildings to entire neighborhoods or large scattered site portfolios. Cityside’s dedicated real estate professionals provide the following services for investors. MORE…

Asset Analysis
Cityside conducts comprehensive Client Needs Analyses aimed at identifying each individual investor’s position in the marketplace and defining a strategic course of action. Whether adding to your portfolio, justifying a hold position, or supporting the liquidation of an asset, Cityside’s team will provide the data and expertise needed to make sound real estate portfolio decisions. You can trust Cityside’s market analysis based on 15 years of successful asset management in diverse regional markets.

Cityside’s extensive Broker Network is responsive, professional, and highly experienced in the field of Single Family Residential acquisitions. Our brokers are well trained and adept at identifying market opportunities overlooked by others in the profession. Finding and identifying “diamonds in the rough” offers more opportunities for our investor clients.

Repairs and Renovation
Cityside is always prepared to estimate, source, manage, and complete all needed repairs and renovations on an aggressive schedule. With a nationwide vendor base in excess of 2,200, resources are readily available and can be deployed on short notice. Our field offices and local representatives work closely with skilled contractors to assure strict compliance to our high quality standards and local code. Work is carried out by dedicated professionals who value their reputations for excellent customer service.

Marketing & Leasing
Cityside offers clients specialized expertise in Single Family Residential leasing and maintains an extensive Broker Network throughout its markets. Our broker partners are dedicated to serving Cityside and our clients. Converting vacant assets into revenue producing homes has many benefits to both investors and the community. The ability to match buyers and renters with suitable properties at risk of being passed over is a prized skill that Cityside’s clients value.

Tenant Screening
Securing qualified tenants is extremely important to investors of scattered site single family homes. Cityside’s state of the art application and screening process identifies suitable tenants and flags those who may be high risk. Cityside knows the right questions to ask and the critical background issues that must be addressed.

Rent/Lease Management
Cityside’s team monitors lease compliance, collects scheduled rents, and provides fully transparent accounting reports through its on-line investor portal. Clients enjoy ease and convenience by letting Cityside administer leasing and rent collection activities on their behalf.

Maintenance and Inspections
Timely and routine inspections and maintenance of Investors’ properties are only a starting point in Cityside’s service packages. Our clients rest assured that a dedicated team of professionals is watching over, maintaining and truly caring for their assets. We pay close attention to details including the most minor repairs, this action makes a big difference to tenants and potential buyers.

Cityside asset managers constantly monitor market conditions, always alert for opportune times to dispose of hard assets. This process begins upon acquisition of the asset and continues while the property remains in inventory. This high level of marketplace monitoring and consulting results in more lucrative rehabilitation and reselling opportunities.

Our service promise is to be Responsive, Dedicated, Passionate and Trusted in all that we do for our clients and the communities we serve. Please feel free to call and speak with a friendly Cityside Client Services Representative. 603.657.1000


Vacant Properties

Maintain the care while no one is there.

Caring for vacant properties requires vigilant attention. Property left unattended or in a state of disrepair attracts undesirable elements. Vandals, squatters and looters seek abandoned assets to exploit. Cityside leaves nothing to chance.  We reduce owners’ risk while preserving and often increasing the value of vacant properties we manage.  MORE…

Property Preservation

Cityside provides preservation services on thousands of vacant properties across the United States.  We deploy over 2,200 subcontractors and our own team of highly experienced employees in the field. Our trusted, dedicated professionals are always close by, diligently watching over and caring for our clients’ properties.


Cityside thoroughly inspects all assets under contract and provides detailed, accurate property condition reports for clients to make informed decisions. We go well beyond the visual “drive by” inspections and walk the property going over a comprehensive pass/fail checklist. This assures that timely repairs are made and value is preserved.


Your real estate assets are vulnerable to numerous threats if not properly secured. Cityside has preserved and managed many thousands of properties and understands the potential risks to real estate value. Securing real estate assets is a job suited only for serious professionals with the right tools and training. Cityside is the bulwark against threats to our clients’ properties.

Maintenance and Repairs

A thoroughly vetted vendor network numbering over 2,200 goes to work for Cityside clients every single day. We dispatch teams of maintenance, repair and construction contractors to perform the unsung services that improve individual homes as well as entire communities. Our own passionate and dedicated people maintain close working relationships with our vendor partners. The collaborative teamwork shows in the quality of our managed properties.

Market Preparation

Cityside pays attention to the finer points when preparing vacant properties for the market. Our detailed market prep specifications cover everything needed to bring our clients’ properties up to quality showing condition and to help maximize returns. Tenants moving in are more comfortable and happier with their new homes. This is one of the important differences Cityside clients notice. Our Client Services Representatives are available by phone to answer specific questions and provide more details on our Market Prep services.

Vacant Property Registration

Non-compliance fines can be extremely unwelcomed consequences of unregistered and mismanaged vacant property. It is also vital for local community officials to be aware of your property in the event of emergency. Stay in compliance and stay connected by engaging Cityside’s vacant property registration services. The cost associated with the risk of non compliance is too high to leave your property to chance. Cityside’s Property Registration Services keep you covered and compliant.

Utility Service

Mastering the coordination of utility services and settlement of outstanding billing takes years of practice. It is never easy. Cityside has spent the last 15 years developing processes and gathering data necessary to protect property owners from unwarranted billings and liens.  Never underestimate the resources needed to shield you from endless utility headaches and needless liability.  Our Client Service Representatives will gladly explain the details of our utility services.

HOA Compliance

Cityside understands Homeowners Associations and how they work.  For fifteen years, we have worked with property owners managing properties subject to HOA CC&R’s as well as managing the HOA’s themselves. The process is often complex, time consuming, and from time to time even combative. Cityside can help alleviate conflicts and build strong alliances with your HOA’s. We process vendor payments quickly, follow through on service commitments and maintain open lines of communication with homeowner groups.

Code compliance

No property owner looks forward to notice of a code violation. Our clients are busy looking after important business. Cityside’s business is to be proactive in each of the jurisdictions we serve and rapidly address any item cited by code officers. Our goal is to avoid any citations, protecting both the community’s and the property owner’s interests. Supporting open lines of communication with local officials affords Cityside the opportunity to stay ahead of issues that might otherwise prove to be very costly if ignored.

Snow Removal

Snow removal can be a large expense during several months in many areas of the country. It’s a vital service that Cityside thoroughly understands.  Our Northern New England roots have tempered us to be prepared for the harshest weather in America. We offer all-inclusive road and lot snowplowing packages as well as snow removal on a per push basis or a seasonal rate. Cityside is committed to maintaining passage in and out of our managed properties.

Grounds Maintenance

Cityside has encountered and mastered every conceivable type of ground maintenance conditions. Whether it grows an inch a day or an inch a year, we have planted and cared for all kinds of plants in every climatic region of the country. We can put our landscaping, grounds keeping and nursery experience to work to keep your property green and beautiful.

Our service promise is to be Responsive, Dedicated, Passionate and Trusted in all that we do for our clients and the communities we serve. Please feel free to call and speak with a friendly Cityside Client Services Representative. 603.657.1000


Occupied Properties

Fortifying Communities and Preserving Investments

Cityside protects your income stream and preserves your real estate asset value by proactively managing occupied properties with sensitivity and diligence. Fifteen years of multi-region management history have forged our real estate professionals into high volume portfolio management experts. MORE…

Leasing Expertise

There are critical differences in how to manage a large multi-family complex compared with individually leased scattered site single family homes. Cityside provides specialization in each building and occupancy type.  We have the market knowledge and leasing expertise to transform idle assets into income producing properties.

Tenant Screening

It’s a reality that some leases can go sour and it’s often because the tenant was not properly screened.  For each rental candidate, Cityside’s careful review of the rental application, the credit check, the verifications, the rental history review, and the reference investigation paint clear pictures of potential renter candidates. You will have the best knowledge available to make decisions on your lease agreements.

Value Analysis

Honest and realistic appraisal skills provide Cityside clients with numbers they can rely on to make better business decisions.  Whether in the rental or resale market, hitting the right price point can be like finding the fertile garden spot. Prolonged time on the market due to inequitable pricing equates to lost revenue. A Cityside professional can help you assign the right market values for your properties and design a marketing plan for success.

Lease Management

High quality lease management is priceless to high volume real estate owners. Preserving the residency of good tenants and eliminating the need to replace occupants make a tremendous impact on the bottom line. Cityside takes care of the tedious and difficult aspects of rent collection and tenant services. Talking to your Cityside representative about our lease management program can help guide you toward a more profitable lease management program.


Tenants may find themselves in a troubled position, unable to pay their rent. In these cases, fair and viable options must be determined. Cityside’s serious, yet sensitive, approach to collections will quickly resolve the situation allowing the property to return to normal tenancy. Should the condition prove to be irreparable, Cityside will prepare the property for transition to a new tenant without delay, thus minimizing any loss of rental revenue.


Every investor’s reporting need is unique based on his or her own business model. Therefore, Cityside customizes each clients’ reports to suit their specific need.  Feel free to ask one of our representatives for a demonstration of Cityside’s fully transparent system. It may clear the way to a better reporting process for your business.

HOA representation

Cityside has 15 years of experience managing Homeowner Associations. This diplomatic and painstaking endeavor is the realm of trained professionals. Cityside’s team of HOA specialists has audited and processed thousands of HOA statements. We are poised to work with your homeowners association representatives and handle your interests fairly and forthrightly.


Cityside is firmly positioned and always well prepared to handle the tough work of eviction. Avoiding the need to evict is a high priority and we understand the nuances of tenant finances and lifestyle choices. Whenever it becomes necessary, our team skillfully manages evictions, providing swift yet compassionate responses to troubled tenancies.


Flip or hold?  That’s a very common question among real estate investors. Cityside provides the information needed to make informed decisions based on each asset, market conditions and individual investment strategies. It might help to explore your options with a Cityside representative.

Our service promise is to be Responsive, Dedicated, Passionate and Trusted in all that we do for our clients and the communities we serve. Please feel free to call and speak with a friendly Cityside Client Services Representative. 603.657.1000


Disaster Recovery

The only real disaster is failure to respond.

Cityside’s emergency response teams stand ready to take bold and direct action in both predictable and unexpected events.  In some of the darker hours, Cityside’s people rallied to the aid of countless victims following such devastating events as Hurricane Katrina and many notable natural disasters during the last two decades. From calling in the right emergency personnel to directing scores of repair crews, Cityside has the scalable resources to restore and rebuild damaged assets quickly and efficiently. MORE…


When Mother Nature strikes or human caused disaster happens, Cityside will help you pick up the pieces and move on with your business.  Additionally, Cityside stops at nothing in its quest to find shelter for those in need. Hundreds of families know this firsthand. In the event of an emergency or if you are designing an emergency contingency plan, you can call the Cityside team to answer your questions and provide needed solutions.

Habitability Inspections

Whether in a special situation or in support of normal tenancy, Cityside inspection teams gather and catalog the information necessary to make maintenance decisions and needed repairs. Safety, cleanliness and functioning utilities are vitally important to the safety and habitability of residential units. Cityside keeps an eye on your property, keeps you informed and keeps up with the maintenance.

Habitability Repairs

Post-Hurricane Katrina, Cityside converted hundreds of uninhabitable homes into safe living units within a remarkably short period.  We offer this example to illustrate that under the worst imaginable conditions, Cityside can rise to the occasion and deliver the services that matter most: rapid response and quality repair work.

Temporary Housing

Cityside is well equipped, experienced and staffed to manage short term or disaster relief housing units.  With on the ground coverage in most states, we are prepared and ready to deploy skilled property management teams wherever the need may arise.

Inspections and Maintenance

After a disaster, information is vital to recovery. Cityside’s people in the field gather and record the data necessary to get the ball rolling with contractors and crews. This vital information allows for rapid deployment of maintenance and repair teams. They are equipped with the right tools and can better schedule their time where it’s most needed. They arrive prepared and hit the ground running.


Cityside customizes reports to provide information according to the schedule and format that each client requires. If you appreciate the value of open communication and transparency, we believe you’ll enjoy doing business with Cityside. Our customized reports are designed to deliver information that is accurate, timely and relevant.

Our service promise is to be Responsive, Dedicated, Passionate and Trusted in all that we do for our clients and the communities we serve. Please feel free to call and speak with a friendly Cityside Client Services Representative. 603.657.1000



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