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Field Service Management

Cityside proudly serves the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as Field Service Manager (FSM) in thirteen States. The FSM provides property maintenance and preservation services that include inspecting the property, securing the property, performing cosmetic enhancements & repairs, handling safety and health related issues and providing on-going maintenance. The primary objectives of the Field Service Management contracts are to ensure that:

    • FHA insured properties are maintained in a manner that preserves communities;
    • HUD has real time access to all property related information;
    • Properties are secured and safe of hazardous conditions;
    • Property values are preserved;
    • Properties are maintained in a manner that reflects a high standard of care;
    • There is a high level of customer satisfaction with HUD’s property disposition program.

Cityside places high value in having dedicated employees in the field wherever our operations are conducted. Our boots on the ground are your assurance of quality and accountability.

Asset Management

Cityside provides professional marketing and sales services for HUD’s REO properties in nine States. Properties acquired by HUD in those States are assigned to Cityside for disposition. Five primary objectives have been set for Cityside as Asset Manager. They are to ensure that:

    • Properties are accurately and competitively valued.
    • Sales of properties net the highest return.
    • Holding time is minimized.
    • Owner-occupant opportunities are created.
    • Closing proceeds are properly accounted for and delivered to HUD in a timely manner.

These services require constant interaction with HUD FSM contractors, homebuyers, investors, the real estate industry, nonprofit housing and advocacy organizations, Federal, State and local governments and HUD staff. Clearly, Cityside is skilled in coordinating multiple projects as well as supervising or supporting multiple constituencies.

Cityside’s team remains current on changes in regulation, legislation and housing policy initiatives identified by the White House or the HUD Secretary. Compliance with national policy guides our priorities as we serve our clients in the federal government.

Facilities Management & Repair

With over 2,200 vetted and skilled vendors across the United States, Cityside is well prepared to provide responsive facility management, maintenance and repairs on government operated facilities. Cityside has a 15 year history of successfully managing scattered site units and consolidated large facilities. Services include:

    • Ground’s maintenance
    • Exterior and interior repairs
    • Nuisance animal control
    • Mechanical services

Government officials rely on Cityside to keep the facilities that serve our public servants clean and in good working order.

Military Family Housing Maintenance

Cityside is extremely proud to serve our Military with high quality, responsive service to Military Family Housing units in Massachusetts. Military families in all branches of service enjoy quality living conditions thanks to our maintenance services which are second to none Cityside takes care of scheduled maintenance and repairs as well as unscheduled emergency calls. Work orders may include:

    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Carpentry
    • Painting
    • General repairs

Additionally, Cityside provides timely and comprehensive “change of occupancy” maintenance to assure that interior and exterior spaces are brought up to quality living standards in preparation for incoming military families.

Temporary Housing Management

Cityside is an experienced provider and manager of temporary housing. Under the most extreme conditions following one of the nation’s largest natural disasters, the Cityside team immediately mobilized and placed hundreds of displaced families in safe habitable housing units. Following our most notorious recent disaster, Cityside deployed legions of dedicated contractors who rehabilitated homes with unprecedented speed under the most adverse conditions. Once occupied with the displaced victims, Cityside managed the relief units until the occupants could arrange for permanent housing.

Cityside has crafted a management program designed specifically for temporary housing made necessary by disasters or large scale initiatives requiring intermediate high volume relocations. Temporary Housing Management services include:

    • Site inspection
    • Construction and installation
    • Utility connection
    • Management
    • Maintenance
    • Deactivation

Living space options include mobile homes, travel trailers, portable cottages and suitable vacant property units. Cityside maintains good living conditions for temporary residents while they seek permanent homes.

Administrative Support

In this business, details are vitally important. Cityside has perfected the many administrative activities that are required with real estate services. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced and extremely efficient at such tedious but necessary tasks as:

    • Property tax processing
    • HOA management
    • Code and property registration
    • Regulation compliance
    • Utility lien resolution
    • Payments
    • Notifications to all parties vital to the preservation of government owned assets

Cityside also offers extensive experience in reviewing title policies, appraisals, surveys, lead based paint reports and various bid documents.


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