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From front porches to backyards, Cityside’s team of passionate individuals has successfully managed high volumes of real estate from coast to coast.  “Ask someone who knows us” is our slogan … because we know you will like what you hear.

Cityside deploys its diverse resources each and every day to preserve, manage, and improve homes and neighborhoods across the United States. Each member of our team is dedicated to fulfill Cityside’s unique service culture.  We take each job personally, we stand accountable for our success, and we are driven by expectations and results.

For property management, asset management and real estate property preservation, engage the services of America’s most trusted real estate service company – Cityside.

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Cityside Focuses on Specialty Services

Cityside Management Corporation, a Manchester, NH based organization with a footprint in many states across the US since 1998, has decided to centralize and focus resources on a specialized set of services. While historically, the company has offered a very diverse range of property management services, we will be focusing on the following:

As a result of the centralization, Cityside has transferred their Condominium Management services to Great North Property Management.

Mike Martinez and Norm Desrochers, leadership of the Cityside Condominium division, have also transitioned to Great North. This seamless transition will mean that residents continue to enjoy the high quality service and experiences they have enjoyed to date. Everyone at Cityside wants to thank Mr. Martinez, Mr. Desrochers and their dedicated team for their service and wish them well in their new endeavor.

On behalf of the entire Cityside leadership team, and its employees, thank you for your support during the transition as well as your well wishes for our continued success.